Solvent-borne Paints and Coatings

Given the very wide range of coatings technology available to the paint formulator today, we can only provide a very simple overview of the best products we have to offer.

Daylight Fluorescent pigments are used in final-coat or top-coat applications but offer very little opacity (hiding power). For this reason they must be applied over a white base coat to achieve the necessary brilliance. It is also good practice to overcoat a daylight fluorescent topcoat with a clear varnish to afford protection and improve some UV resistance. 

The selection of pigment type is dependent on the type of binder system used. Thermoplastic Daylight Fluorescent pigments generally offer the brightest colours but are only suitable for those containing the mildest of solvents. Higher performance topcoats based on aromatic and oxygenated solvents demand higher solvent resistance properties so it is necessary to use a thermoset pigment.  

For solvent-based paints our T Series provides very bright, clean colours and is resistant to solvent-attack from most commonly used solvents. If a higher strength pigment is more appropriate, or a smaller particle size required, then our FTX Series is an alternative option. Highest solvent resistance is offered by RTS Series.

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Applicable Products

RTS Series

T Series

FTX Series