PVC, PU, Silicone & Plastisol

These are plastics systems which require more complex processing but these can also be pigmented with Swada daylight fluorescent pigments. The choice of pigment depends very much on the chemistry of the system and the particular processing conditions. Low molecular weight monomers can present individual challenges of bleed resistance.  

Swada offers four pigment types, all of which will provide very bright, clean colours. 

RTS Series is the recommended product for these applications where its unique chemistry provides the optimal blend of heat stability and resistance to bleed and migration. It can be used in almost every type of plastics applications up to 260°C.

T Series offers very bright, clean colours in systems where resistance to bleed and migration are not quite so important.

FTX Series is a high strength product and is a popular choice for calendared PVC and polyurethane and also works particularly well in plastisols.  FTX Series is also best used in systems where resistance to bleed and migration are not critical requirements.

RMP Series does not carry any resistance to bleed and migration and is only suitable for spread-coated PVC.

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