Flexographic Inks

Flexography is a printing process which uses a raised rubber or photopolymer plate with a rubber fountain roller or engraved chrome or ceramic anilox roller to carry ink to the plate. It is a popular and lower cost method of printing and is able to approximate the look of surface gravure or screen depending on the particular design.  Flexo printing usually prints seven or eight colours, though some machines may go as high as twelve.

Flexography is a high-speed print process using fast-drying inks. It can print on many types of absorbent and non-absorbent materials and is frequently used for printing on to plastics, metallic films, acetate films, paper, and other materials used in packaging.

Swada offers fluorescent colours specially formulated for Flexographic ink formulations. The Swada EBT series are highly concentrated soluble toners designed for use in solvent based flexographic inks. The Swada RTS series is suited in water based flexographic inks and the FEX and FTX series may be used in selected water based ink applications. Starting formulations are available upon request.

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