Welcome to Swada

Whoever you are and wherever you live, the chances are that you will have seen examples of fluorescent technology at one time or another. Fluorescent pigments and inks are up to 3 times brighter and are noticed much more quickly than conventional colours. Although you can see many examples of fluorescent products and applications around the world, our company specializes only in the actual colour (powder pigment or ink) that is used to make them look bright.

Dane Color UK Ltd., selling through its brands Sterling Colour and Swada is one of the world's principal suppliers of Daylight Fluorescent Pigments and Inks.

We offer our products across the globe both directly and through an international network of distributors.

Our company offers the widest range of some of the brightest, cleanest high-performance colours available on the market today.

Through investment in research and development we constantly look at ways both to improve the quality of our ranges and to remain at the forefront of fluorescent colour technology. Our policies of continuous product development have resulted in several new high-performance ranges which today are some of the most successful products that we have ever had.

We are also committed to offering a high level of technical support and customer service and are pleased to work with customers new and old through our network.

Particular attention to Regulatory Affairs means that we can offer products in compliance with the most far-reaching range of standards on a national and global basis both currently and in anticipation of new demands.